E-waste recycling

E-waste is a growing problem because our demand for electronics increases as the lifespan of devices shrinks. The fact that manufacturers integrate anti-repair measures into products and conditions us to believe that smartphones are temporary fashion items isn't quite helping. GeekForce tries to be on the right side of history by offering an e-waste recycling method based on local collection and processing. If you hand over your old electronics to us it will be either repaired or used as a building block for new electronics and we guarantee you we do this cleaner and more effective than the municipal waste plant.

Free pick-up service Free data destruction Clean & effective processing
1. Submit

Submit your e-waste using the form

2. Appointment

We will contact you to set an appointment

3. Transport

Bring your e-waste or have it picked up free

4. Certificate

Receive a certificate of data destruction

Free data removal

If there are still personal files present on your device it will be wiped using a military standard (3-pass method) to ensure the data is irrecoverable. After this you will receive a certificate declaring the removal of data.

What do we accept?

What do we reject?

Computers (desktops, laptops etc) Household appliances
Smartphones and tablets Televisions
Servers and network devices Kitchen appliances
Printers and other secondary devices Personal care (shavers etc)
Cables (power, usb etc)  

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