Get in touch with any questions, feedback or suggestions you may have. The response time is very short so you don't have to wait long for a reply. Through Signal, WhatsApp and the contactform you'll probably get a reply within 3 hours if not then 24 hours. The phone line works irregularly between 12:00 and 18:00.

Signal 06 27 06 82 72 Response time: fast
WhatsApp 06 27 06 82 72 Response time: fast
Phone 06 27 06 82 72 Availability: irregular


The workspace is inside a residential building
1) Get an appointment
2) Come to the address and ring 48-D
3) Say your name and mention the appointment
4) The door wil magically open
5) Go to the 2nd floor and look for 48-D

Appointment required Berceusestraat 48-D
6217 EK Maastricht


GeekForce has no fixed opening hours.
Visitation is only possible on appointment.

Payment methods

ideal mastercard visa card sofort bancontact

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