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Asus laptop

Get an appointment for your ASUS laptop repair, maintenance or upgrade. All ASUS models are supported including the ZenBook, VivoBook and the Pro series. Original ASUS parts are available and warranty offered.



Bring your device for a research and get a quote for the repair. *Costs dropped if repair is executed

Delivery time: 1 day
€ 0 ~ € 25
(Re-)install operating system

Delivery time: 1 day
€ 50
Replace battery

Delivery time: 1 day Warranty: 6 months
Other repairs


Extract your personal files from a (faulty) laptop

Delivery time: 2 hours
€ 50


Periodic check-up

Bring your device in for a full check-up and get a report

Delivery time: 1 day
€ 25
Internal cleaning & cooling paste

Improve device cooling performance and life expectancy. Expect up to 30% lower temperatures with premium cooling paste (Thermal Grizzly).

Delivery time: 1 day
€ 65
Basic maintenance

Windows update & cleanup + virus quickscan + BIOS update + external cleaning

Delivery time: 1 day
€ 45
Extended maintenance

Windows update & cleanup + virus deepscan + BIOS update + internal & external cleaning + renew cooling paste

Delivery time: 1 day
€ 90


SSD upgrade

Significant improvement in loading times, startup time and responsiveness

Delivery time: 1 day Warranty: 12 months
€ 80
Memory (RAM) upgrade

For better performance under heavy load and multitasking

Delivery time: 1 hour Warranty: 12 months
Upgrade set

Upgrade to an SSD and increase your memory together and get a package discount

Delivery time: 1 day Warranty: 12 months

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