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MacBook Pro 13

Repairability 4 / 10

Apple MacBook Pro 13" touchbar

Year: 2016 - 2017 Model nr: A1706 + A1989

Part of the first series of MacBook Pro's with the infamous butterfly keyboard. This model is the one without touchbar. The SSD is modulair and upgradable but the memory (RAM) is soldered onto the motherboard and non-upgradable.


Storage space non-upgradable Memory (RAM) non-upgradable Staingate: screen coating deteriorates over time Butterfly keyboard: sensitive to dirt



Bring your device for a research and get a quote for the repair. Diagnose costs not charged

Delivery time: 1 day
€ 0 ~ € 30
(Re-)install MacOS

Delivery time: 1 day
€ 50
Replace battery

Delivery time: 1 day Warranty included: 6 months
€ 175


Periodic check-up

Bring your device in for a full check-up and get a report

Delivery time: 1 day
€ 25
Internal cleaning & cooling paste

Improve cooling performance and life expectancy of your device

Delivery time: 1 dag
€ 60

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