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iMac 27

Repairability 7 / 10

Apple iMac 27"

Year: 2012 - 2019 Model nr: A1419

The A1419 is the follow-up after the A1312 and is equipped with a thinner screen (5 mm around edges) which is glued to the frame. From 2015 this model is also available with a 5K screen. This iMac is offered with option of a hybrid SSD (Fusion Drive) or full SSD.


Storage space upgradable Memory (RAM) upgradable SSD upgrade possible



Bring your device for a research and get a quote for the repair. *Costs dropped if repair is executed

Delivery time: 1 day
€ 0 ~ € 45
(Re-)install MacOS

Delivery time: 1 day
€ 60
Other repairs

Periodic check-up

Bring your device in for a full check-up and get a report

Delivery time: 1 day
€ 25


Internal cleaning & cooling paste

Because of the glued screen a cleaning is only available in combination with repair or upgrade.

Delivery time: 1 day
Not available


SSD upgrade

Volledig: exacte kloon inclusief persoonlijke mappen, apps en instellingen

Delivery time: 1 day Warranty: 12 months
€ 200
Memory (RAM) upgrade

For better performance under heavy load and multitasking

Delivery time: 1 day Warranty: 12 months

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