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iMac 21.5

Repairability 7 / 10

Apple iMac 21.5"

Year: 2012 - 2019 Model nr: A1418

The A1418 is the follow-up after the A1311 and is equipped with a thinner screen (5 mm around edges) which is glued to the frame. From 2015 this model is also available with a 4K screen. This iMac is offered with option of a hybrid SSD (Fusion Drive) or full SSD.


Storage space upgradable Memory (RAM) upgradable SSD upgrade possible



Bring your device for a research and get a quote for the repair. *Costs dropped if repair is executed

Delivery time: 1 day
€ 0 ~ € 45
(Re-)install operating system

Delivery time: 1 day
€ 60
Other repairs



Periodic check-up

Bring your device in for a full check-up and get a report

Delivery time: 1 day
€ 0
Ontstoffen & koelpasta

Because of the glued screen a cleaning is only available in combination with repair or upgrade.

Not available


SSD Upgrade

Significant improvement in loading times, startup time and responsiveness. The propietary temperature sensor will be bypassed or replaced so that fans do not over-rev.

Delivery time: 1 day Warranty: 12 months
€ 175
Memory (RAM) upgrade

For better performance under heavy load and multitasking

Delivery time: 1 day Warranty: 12 months

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