Free Iran, #MahsaAmini

Dear visitor. I know your biggest problem right now is a computer issue but I need your help as well. As a Persian in diaspora, I'm witnessing one of the most deadly protests in my homecountry Iran. A young woman at age 22 was taken into custody for not wearing her mandatory hijab right and died in the hands of so called "morality police", sparking the largest protest against the Islamic regime since 2009. The people of Iran have been protesting for 11 days and still going strong, facing teargas and live bullets in a third attempt to free their nation from a supressive theocracy and the barbaric Islamic Sharia. The bearded mullahs have cut the internet, succesfully silencing Iranians from sharing images and videos of their battle.

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Hey clumsy, what did you break today?


About 75% of all computerdiagnoses, -repairs, -maintenance and -upgrades are finished within 24 hours. GeekForce understands that the computer is often an essential tool for students and employees and therefore we strive to minimise our delivery times. In case more time is needed due to extreme workload or difficult part, you will be informed well in time.

Clear prices

Sometimes surprises are no fun. In the IT sector companies often get away with serving you a fat bill without any clear prior indication. With GeekForce you'll have a clear fixed price beforehand in the majority of offered services. In case a fixed price is not possible a diagnose will be performed after which you get a clear min-max price range.

Warranty included

On physical repairs and upgrades which include replacement parts you always get a warranty between 3 and 12 months as mentioned clearly on your invoice. GeekForce is an independent repair center so you can get service on virtually all brands from Apple to Acer or even that Huawei MateBook you got from AliExpress.

Respect your data

Your personal data stored on your device will be treated with utmost respect and diligence. In most cases a repair with 100% conservation of your data is possible. GeekForce will never unnecessarily view, edit, delete or copy data without consent. For most services a login password is not even required to provide.