Free Iran, #MahsaAmini

Dear visitor. I know your biggest problem right now is a computer issue but I need your help as well. As a Persian in diaspora, I'm witnessing one of the most deadly protests in my homecountry Iran. A young woman at age 22 was taken into custody for not wearing her mandatory hijab right and died in the hands of so called "morality police", sparking the largest protest against the Islamic regime since 2009. The people of Iran have been protesting for 11 days and still going strong, facing teargas and live bullets in a third attempt to free their nation from a supressive theocracy and the barbaric Islamic Sharia. The bearded mullahs have cut the internet, succesfully silencing Iranians from sharing images and videos of their battle.

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Datarecovery Maastricht

Did you trust valuable memories, important spreadsheets or maybe even your cryptokeys to your computer and did it spontaneously die on you? No need to panic immediately. We have succesfully recovered data for our clients from smoking computers and squeeking external harddrives. Contact GeekForce for professional datarecovery from various datasources like broken USB drives or faulty iMacs.

Datarecovery from PC or laptop

Did your computer crash or did you treat your laptop to a nice hot cup of coffee? In many cases the internal hard drive will still be intact and your data can be extracted. In these cases we remove the internal storage media and recover your files through a special adapter. If the hard drive is not physically damaged nor contains logical errors, the procedure will be simple and priced in the lower range. If there is any physical or logical faults, you will receive a quote based on the complexity of the job.


Datarecovery from external hard drive

External USB hard drives make up the majority of our datarecovery requests. In most cases these are devices from the brands Seagate or Western Digital that have an under avarage lifespan. Faulty hard drives will have trouble being detected by computers and could also produce ticking or beeping sounds. Bring your external drive in for a diagnose and get a quote for datarecovery.